Monday, February 13, 2017

A perfect day for a walk in Portola Springs, Irvine California

It is no secret, we have got a bit of rain this winter in Orange County.. Though we need it and it is nice to hear it is making a dent in the drought! I think it makes all of us really enjoy those first days after the rain!  

Yesterday, was one of the those days.  It was absolutely beautiful, warm Socal winter day. So nice to get out and take a walk on the trails around the Portola Springs community in Irvine.  We shot some pictures and took a quick little video, we hope you enjoy!

Walking trails in Portola Springs
Portola Springs, Irvine, Ca
The Portola Springs community is set back in the eastern part of Irvine and offers amazing views;  especially after a raining previous week!  

As spring approaches we hope to see you on the trails! Remember if you are looking for a home in the  Portola Springs neighborhood we are always here to help you.   We made it easy for you and created a custom search, check out the available homes currently in Portola Springs.

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